• Dual Purpose Hop: Known for its herbal, apricot, pear and resinous characteristics

  • History/Origin: Released in 1985 and reported to be a cross between a Petham Golding and Brewer’s Gold. Alpha 9.00, Beta 2.45


Columbus, Zeus

Columbus, Zeus.JPG
  • Dual Purpose Hop: Known for its high alpha content , herbal aromas that include black pepper and hints of citrus and licorice

  • History/Origin: A descendant of Nugget and commonly classified (CTZ).

  • Columbus Alpha 10.00 Beta 3.18

  • Zeus Alpha 16.00 Beta 4.15


Tahoma (available 2019)


·  Aroma Hop:  Robust lemon citrus notes with pine, pepper and melon.

·  History/Origin: Released in 2013 by Washington State University and is the daughter of a Glacier hop